UR ISO LTD has been one of the recommended and preferred provider of certification services and quality management systems, testing and inspection in the fields of quality, environment, food & safety, social accountability and business advancements. To excel and advance our service excellence, UR ISO LTD follows the service quality ethics and impartiality policy of UR ISO Ltd.

UR ISO Ltd. regularly evaluates, assesses and improves the Quality Management System, to ensure the international standards are complied as well as customer satisfaction are achieved. UR ISO Ltd. continuously improvises and build the services according to customer requirements; where quality and innovation coincides.

–    Always deliver customer with the best services available.

–    Each and every employee’s commitment to upholding quality, service excellence, and credibility.



UR ISO LTD has the obligation and commitment to UR ISO Ltd. Quality Policy and upholds the initiatives as well as processes in developing and constantly improving management system certification policies. Impartiality is guaranteed throughout all business transactions with continuous risk analysis and non-biased counselling team assessing regularly. All members of the counselling team are experts from their respective business sectors on which UR ISO LTD provide services to. With continuous evaluations and risk assessments, UR ISO LTD advances and provide services without any much of risk.

The quality policy and impartiality policy are followed by UR ISO LTD throughout all stages and services to keep the principles and model of rectitude of the certification processes.