UR ISO LTD is one of the industry recommended quality certification organization with certification for ISO, CMMI, CE, and all business certifications with regional/international compliances. UR ISO LTD services implement industry approved certification process’ with an aim of generating corporate confidence and trust in establishing the business-friendly environment. Years of expertise and partnered certification agencies all around the globe, UR ISO LTD has been the beacon of quality within all business domains and delivering Quality Management Systems without any regional or international boundaries.



Our mission at UR ISO LTD is to become the reliable resource and facilitator in improving your business platform within the region and globally, by advancing the manufacturing process, products and business solutions through quality management systems, certifications and standardizations.



UR ISO LTD. understands and values the clients’ business success and profitability, upholding the morals of customer services with professionalism and commitment to quality. UR ISO Ltd.’s success and continuity is built on the long term client relations that positioned them to lead and achieve in the market.