Certification Process

UR ISO LTD certification process are all customer as well as business focussed; providing a fast track, simplified certification process for all organizations. Auditing and documentation process varies according to each and every certification requirement, but the process and communications will be similar and as follows:

UR ISO LTD Certification Process

INITIAL APPLICATION / CONTRACT: You company will get in contact with us and submits an application. An agreement will be created between the parties forming the contract for the certification.

TEAM ALLOCATION / ASSIGNMENT: We will study on the submitted application, validate the requirements and assign a team of auditors and required personnel.

DOCUMENT AUDIT: Our team performs documents to validate the compliances with the respective management system requirements, and generate reports of agreement and compliances.

ON-SITE READINESS INSPECTION / AUDIT: Our team evaluates the readiness to Implement management system and related quality services for your organization as an initial step.

ON-SITE CERTIFICATION AUDIT: Once the on-site readiness inspection/audit has been executed, our team will administer on-site audit and services for the compliances of the required management system and certification requirement.

CERTIFICATION AWARDING / NOTIFICATION: Once the inspection and auditing have been completed in compliances with the required standards, you will be notified in writing the issuance of certification and registration of your company under the online listing.

STATUS REVIEW: We perform certification review audits regularly to validate the compliances of your business with the respective certification standards.