With a goal of creating a business environment having more efficient and effective operations, increased customer satisfaction, industry-leading quality tools and equipment, and upholding quality systems; UR ISO Ltd. [Universal Registrars] certifications have adopted and implements test as well as internationally approved ISO strategies for increasing productivity, financial growth, human relations and highlighted company identity in the market.

Universal Registrars Certification Benefits

  • Universal Registrars team consists of experts, consultants and auditors from all business sectors, enabling and understanding you better on the requirements and providing a quality management system or certification as per the demand.
  • Universal Registrars is EB-JAS Accredited Certification Body with certification services for all business quality and management standards.
  • Universal Registrars certification services are available all around the globe with all certifications accepted worldwide and internationally recognized.
  • All the certification service processes are handled and executed with the customer focussed, achieving the best practices, fast and managed auditing, simplified and comprehensive documentation.
  • All services are customer centered, guaranteeing a Cost-efficient, cost-effective and value for money service delivery.


Universal Registrars certifications are the symbol of quality and enhanced business practices followed within your organization. These certifications showcase your initiative and business processes to be the best in the industry and help in becoming elite in your business domain.